4 Simple Steps:

Love making cricket and football predictions? It’s really simple to play on Power Predictor!

Pick a series you want to play and select the match of your choice.
Use tickets to make predictions before and during the match. Each question will have 2 to 4 options.
Earn coins for making correct predictions. You can use coins to get cool rewards and prizes!
Running out of tickets? You can earn more through daily login.
What is Power Predictor?

Power Predictor is a Sports Gaming app created for sports fans who love to make predictions about their favourite matches. Fans have the opportunity to win exciting prizes and rewards for making correct predictions. So what are you waiting for? Time to start predicting!

What are tickets? How do I earn more tickets?
Tickets are one of the most important aspects of Power Predictor. Tickets are used to make predictions on Power Predictor. Each question requires 1 ticket to answer it. So make sure you’re stocked up on tickets to continue playing!
Here are a few ways you can earn tickets:

Additionally, you can also buy them at 100 coins per ticket

What are coins? How do I earn more coins?
Coins are the ultimate reward on Power Predictor. Make correct predictions, earn coins and redeem them for different rewards.
Here’s how you can earn coins:

You can also earn bonus coins at certain levels in your journey.

How do I earn XP and level up?
Earn XP for simply answering questions (doesn’t matter whether you get them right) and level up. Earn 2 XP for each pre-match question and 1 XP for each question asked during the match.

Get coins at certain levels and use them to purchase exciting rewards.

How can I change my nickname?

You can’t. The nickname you choose when you log in for the first time is your identity on Power Predictor. So make sure you choose carefully.

I want to change my password?

Since you’re using your Google account, you don’t need a password on Power Predictor.

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